Importance of Sleep Studies

One of the first things you'll notice that separates Green Mountain Dental Sleep Center from other offices is that we require a sleep study before providing treatment.

Why Do I Need A Sleep Study?

There truly is no other way to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea than with a sleep study. No matter how much your spouse insists that you have a problem, you can't know for sure until there is data to prove it. This is what a sleep study provides.

Sleep physicians are highly trained at analyzing sleep study data. With this information, they will make a diagnosis as to the severity and degree of obstructive sleep apnea. The physician will then recommend a course of treatment that will be most effective for you. Without the information obtained from a sleep study, your provider is left to guess as to the severity of your apnea, which could lead you down a path of treatment that proves to be a waste of time and money.

Sleep studies also offer further insights into your overall health and how your quality of sleep is affecting your quality of life. This information is invaluable not only to you, but to a dentist specializing in dental sleep medicine like Dr. Fisch.

Health care professionals who don't have access to the plethora of information discovered in a sleep study simply can't help you to the extent that they could with all the pieces to the puzzle. That's why Dr. Fisch doesn't skip steps — she insists on giving her patients a level of care that can only come from truly understanding what you need.

Haven't done a sleep study yet? No problem. Contact us today and we can help you get in touch with a sleep physician in your area.

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