Am I a Candidate for
Oral Appliance Therapy?

Many patients who have tried CPAPs
with no luck are now searching for a better option.

Many patients who have tried CPAPs with no luck are now searching for an alternative option. You may have heard of us because your primary care doctor suggested oral appliance therapy. Or perhaps you were fed up and started doing your own research, which led you here. Either way, we welcome you to Green Mountain Dental Sleep Center.

Working with us is easy. We work with both referral patients and those who come to us via word of mouth. We offer consultations for those interested in treatment and are happy to answer your questions. Call us today to start getting better sleep.

How Do I Get a Sleep Study?

The simplest way to start this process is by talking with your primary care physician. You can express your sleep concerns and ask for a referral to have a sleep study. They will refer you to a physician who specializes in sleep disorders.

If you don't have a primary care provider, just give us a call. After a consultation, we can refer you to a sleep physician.

The sleep study will be done overnight in a private room set up similar to a hotel room. There is also the option of a home sleep test, ordered by the physician. The sleep specialist will monitor a number of things, using some medical equipment such as an EEG and chest bands. None of it will be painful. Afterwards, they will analyze the data to determine your diagnosis.

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I've Done My Sleep Study — Now What?

If you've completed a sleep study and the doctor's diagnosis is that you have obstructive sleep apnea, the sleep physician will recommend the course of treatment best suited for your degree of OSA. If oral appliance therapy is recommended, then give us a call and we will get the process going for you.

Would Oral Appliance Therapy Work For Me?

If you're thinking about trying oral appliance therapy to treat your obstructive sleep apnea and your sleep physician agrees, the first thing to do is call us at Green Mountain Dental Sleep Center and schedule an initial visit with Dr. Fisch. In order to be a candidate for oral appliance therapy, you must have a healthy mouth and a sufficient number of teeth to support an appliance. Oral hygiene and oral health are extremely important in your overall health.

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