Meet Our Team

Jessie's Headshot

Meet Jessie!

Jessie has been in the dental field for over 30 years, focusing on oral health and patient education. She finds it exciting to explore another area of dentistry! Switching the focus to dental sleep medicine has truly emphasized the importance of sleep for a person's body and overall health for Jessie. To meet patients that are exhausted and feeling gloomy, and then watch them change over a short period of time to someone who is bright and cheerful is very rewarding for her.


Meet Sarah!

Sarah joined Dr. Fisch’s team in 2019 after working in a legal office for many years. She handles the day-to-day administrative side of the practice, working with patients' medical insurance, referrals, & scheduling (to name a few!), and keeps track of any loose ends. Sarah enjoys her daily interactions with our patients, especially observing the positive changes to their spirits and energy level as their treatment progresses.