The Oral Appliance Therapy Process

We'll start with a consultative appointment.

If you’ve had a sleep study, we will request copies of the study results, with your permission.

If you haven’t had a sleep study, we will discuss this at your consultation.

At the consultation, we will review your medical history, the reasons for seeking treatment, and your signs and symptoms as a result of disrupted sleep. If we have your sleep study report, Dr. Judi will review this with you as well.

Dr. Judi will do an evaluation of your overall oral health and teeth. We will request your permission to receive recent X-rays from your general dentist.

All of the necessary documents will be sent to your medical insurance company for consideration and an approval for treatment coverage.


Once we have the go ahead, we will schedule an appointment to take impressions. Dr. Judi and her assistant will use a scanner to digitally obtain the impressions. We will also determine the starting position for your bite with the appliance at this appointment.

Custom appliance fabrication

It will take the lab 2-3 weeks to fabricate your custom appliance. At this next appointment, Dr. Judi will make sure the appliance fits well and is comfortable, and will provide you with take-home information.

Creating a dental sleep appliance

Follow-up appointment #1

Your first follow-up appointment will be 1 week after receiving the appliance, unless you are having any problems before that date and we will see you sooner.

At this point, we will determine the next follow-up appointments as every patient is different and some need to be seen sooner than others. Rest assured, we will always continue follow-up appointments, even a year later. It is important to evaluate the condition of the appliance, the effectiveness of it, and any adverse symptoms you may have.

Follow-up sleep test

Once you are adjusting well to the process and the appliance, we will schedule a sleep test to evaluate the effectiveness of the appliance. We may supply you with a home sleep test for a one-night study or refer you to the sleep physician for a study.

Our ultimate goal is to help you breathe better during sleep, sleep uninterrupted, and feel better.


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